This Tech Giant Taught 3,000 Kids to Build Robots in a Year

THERE ARE PLENTY of ways to promote diversity in tech, and over the last year, tech companies, now acutely aware of the lack of women and minorities in their ranks, have started exploring many of them. For some, like Intel, it involves creating a $125 million fund...



Minorities in STEM Are in Short Supply — Why We Need to Fix That

Demand for Stem-trained (science, technology, engineering and math) workers continues to grow. Stem job vacancies take more than twice as longto fill as those in other fields and many businesses have a hard time finding qualified Stem applicants. Yet there is a great potential...



After stats from major Silicon Valley companies were published, there was no doubt there is a serious lack of diverse talent in tech. While blame is often shuffled off on the leaky pipeline of talent, there are examples of Latinos striving in tech. Latino education advocates...



Women Rule The Tech Scene At D.C. Startup Competition

Tuesday night, before a packed house at D.C.-based incubator 1776, a dozen women-led startups competed for funding. The founders faced a shark tank panel of judges, an animated crowd of over 300, and, more broadly, a culture and economy...



Apple, Intel Money Not Enough to Boost Silicon Valley Diversity

Silicon Valley companies are recognizing the need to encourage a more diverse workplace, but advocacy groups caution against simply throwing money at the problem. Intel on Tuesday announced that the company will invest $125 million in businesses run by women...