Let’s #HackDiversity Together

We plan to launch a $1B Energy & Tech Diversity Fund.  With these monies we aim to fund several initiatives including a $300 million PR campaign to portray women, African Americans, and other people of color as scientists, technology engineers, energy workers, and other STEM professionals. By so doing, we intend to change perceptions for millions and achieve racial and gender equality, at least in the energy and tech fields, by 2040.

We seek to accomplish a task large enough to make real difference.

  • Our vision is to launch a $1B Innovation & Diversity Fund to create a diverse workforce by 2040.
  • The goal is to encourage these industries recruit enough women, African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans to ensure that they make up at least 50% of the energy and tech workforce by 2040.
  • This fund has the potential to help end racial bias once and for all, while creating training and job opportunities for millions.
  • Motivated in part by these events, leading tech companies have invested nearly $200 million in diversity efforts, http://bit.ly/1JJVLzM. We intend to assemble and leverage these investments to inspire more and multiply the

We know that the most diverse businesses are also the most successful. Innovation is best accomplished through having a team that can develop solutions from diverse lenses.

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